Our story so far…

We began our journey in 2003 as BRPLK (BHIVARAM PANNALAL KUMAWAT Constructions), an infrastructure company promoted by Shri Bhiva Ram Kumawat, a stalwart with 38 years of experience in the procurement of building material and big building project including labor management and finance also. And Shri Panna Lal Kumawat an administrator with 38 years of experience in the building construction in jaipur of diffrent nature like multistoried structural work with fitting of Sanitary, Water supply and Electric supply work and procurement of building material . We made our debut with a primary focus on:-




Our Vision…

At Bhivaram Pannalal Kumawat Constructions (BRPLK), our mission is to foster personal, professional, emotional, and spiritual growth in all aspects of life. We achieve this through our unwavering commitment to compassion, embracing a unique perspective, and firmly believing in the inherent goodness, integrity, and boundless potential of every individual.

Our Vision: We envision a future where our holistic approach to construction sets new industry standards, enriching the lives of people and communities we serve. Through excellence, innovation, and sustainable practices, we strive to be a beacon of trust, reliability, and progress.

With Bhivaram Pannalal Kumawat Constructions, you can expect a company that not only delivers exceptional projects but also serves as a catalyst for personal and collective growth. Together, we will build a future that resonates with the principles of progress, prosperity, and profound purpose.

Our Promise -

The Bhivaram Pannalal Commitment: At BRPLK, we are driven by a purpose that extends beyond profits. We exist to bring positive impact to everyone we touch. Our business philosophy is rooted in simplicity, solidity, and timelessness. By creating value and instilling joy, we not only nurture and elevate brands but also uphold our fundamental responsibility to deliver consistently attractive returns to our valued stakeholders.

With a prestigious mix of government and private sector clientele, including      to name a few, we are pre-qualified to bid independently for large EPC projects and HAM Projects and registered as a grade AA Class contractor . We have invested in a broad base of construction equipment assets, including crushers,Concrete vibrator (Plate), compactors, graders, loaders, pavers, mixers,Passenger and Material Lift, dumpers, excavators, compressors tractors etc.. This proprietary ownership has earned us the trust of marquee clientele and enabled us to achieve a robust and growing order book and deliver quality construction while meeting urgent timelines.

We attribute our success to the skills and dedication of our large and growing pool of people talent, which we constantly acknowledge, incentivise and nurture.

A highly environmentally conscious entity, we strive for enhanced sustainability at every stage of every project, all along our journey towards delivering excellence.