Tools & Plant Equipments …

At Bhivaram Pannalal Kumawat Constructions (BRPLK), we take pride in our state-of-the-art tools and plant equipment that ensure the highest standards of construction efficiency and quality. Our extensive range of modern machinery is an integral part of our commitment to delivering exceptional projects, meeting stringent timelines, and ensuring safety at every step.

Our Tools…

Our Arsenal of Tools:
1. Batching Plants (20 Nos.): Utilizing cutting-edge batching plants, we guarantee precise and uniform mixing of concrete, enabling us to deliver consistent quality in every project.
2. Concrete Pump (10 Nos.): Our advanced concrete pumps provide a seamless flow of concrete, facilitating faster construction and enhancing productivity.
3. Concrete Mixture (25 Nos.): Equipped with efficient concrete mixers, we ensure uniform blending of concrete components, resulting in superior strength and durability.
4. Concrete Weight Batcher (25 Nos.): Our accurate concrete weight batchers ensure the right proportions of materials, optimizing the construction process.
5. Concrete Vibrator (Needle - 100 Nos. & Plate - 25 Nos.): With a wide array of concrete vibrators, we achieve excellent compaction, eliminating air voids and enhancing concrete density.
6. Material Lift with Trolley (30 Nos.): Our material lifts with trolleys provide seamless vertical transportation of materials, enhancing work efficiency.
7. Tower Crane (10 Nos.): Our tower cranes enable us to lift heavy materials and equipment with precision and safety, contributing to the timely completion of projects.
8. Earth Compactor Electric (10 Nos.): Utilizing electric earth compactors, we achieve optimal soil compaction, ensuring a stable and strong foundation.
9. Steel Shuttering (7 Lakh sq. ft.): Our extensive steel shuttering resources ensure efficient formwork for concrete structures, maintaining accuracy and consistency.
10. Plywood Shuttering (As per Requirement): Customizable plywood shuttering for versatile and flexible formwork solutions tailored to specific project needs.
... and many more essential tools and equipment to support various construction tasks list Below :-

S.No.Name Of EquipmentsUnits
1Batching Plants20
2Concrete Pump10
3Concrete Mixture25
4Concrete Weight Batcher25
5Concrete Vibrator (Needle)100
6Concrete vibrator (Plate)25
7Material Lift with trolly30
8Tower Crane10
9Earth Compactor Elec.10
10Steel Shuttering7 lack sq. ft.
11Plywood ShutteringAs per Req.
12Props. and Trusses3 lack sq. ft
13Passenger and Material Lift10
14Tractor Trolly4
15Pickup Loading Vehicle3
16Welding Equipment10
17Earth Excevator (JCB)2
18Hammer Drill Machine30
19Monkey Lift30
21Boom Pump1
22RMC Transit Mixer2
23RMC Plant 30 Cum.1