Quality Control …

At Bhivaram Pannalal Kumawat Constructions (BRPLK), quality control is not just a process; it's a commitment embedded in the very essence of our work culture. Our success and the foundation of our enduring relationships with customers are founded on the unwavering dedication of our exceptional team.

Our Quality Measures…

The company's most prized assets are its people. A highly motivated team of qualified and experienced construction managers, engineers, supervisors and sub-contractracters, which form backbone of the company. Quality is a team effort and every employee holds himself responcible for the quality of the final product. The willingness of dedicated workforce to go the extra mile to deliver quality. Which has been a key factor in enabling the company to force lasting bonds with satisfied & valued customers.

We don't build structures, we build relationships. Relationships cemented in steel and firmly grounded in a solid foundation of customer trust and confidence. A fact that reflects our firm belief, that long term success can only come from mutually satisfying relationships with our customers. A trust that we continuously enhance by responding to their needs quickly, effectively and economically.

With Bhivaram Pannalal Kumawat Constructions, you can expect a company that not only delivers exceptional projects but also serves as a catalyst for personal and collective growth. Together, we will build a future that resonates with the principles of progress, prosperity, and profound purpose.

Quality Control Manager

Gopal Singh Chaudhary
Quality Control
8 years experience in private sector.

S.No.Name Of Equipments
1Compressive Strength Testing machine (A) Manual (B) Digital
2Sieve Analysis (A) Coarse Aggregate (B) Fine Aggregate
3Sieve Shaker
5Auto Level
6Electronic Weight Machine
7Measuring Jar
8Screw Gauge
9Vernier Callipers
10Cube Mould (A) Concrete (150*150*150mm) (B) Mortar(50*50*50mm)
11Slump Aparatus
12RMM (Rapid Moisture Meter)
15Core cutter with dolly
16L Box
17V Funnel