Meet the BRPLK Team…

At Bhivaram Pannalal Kumawat Constructions (BRPLK), we recognize that our true strength lies in the exceptional individuals who make up our team. With a shared commitment to excellence, our diverse group of professionals forms the very core of our success story.

A Symphony of Expertise:

Our team is composed of an array of talented and experienced individuals who come together harmoniously to orchestrate construction projects of the highest caliber. From our dynamic construction managers to our skilled engineers, supervisors, and dedicated sub-contractors, each member plays a pivotal role in shaping our journey towards architectural mastery.

Champions of Quality:

Quality is more than a mere attribute; it's a collective ethos that courses through the veins of every team member. Each individual assumes personal responsibility for the precision and excellence that defines our final products. It's this unwavering commitment that propels us to go beyond the expected, to put in that extra effort, and to deliver nothing short of perfection.

Unleashing Dedication:

Our dedicated workforce embodies the essence of diligence. They don't just fulfill their roles; they invest their passion, energy, and dedication to ensure that every project bears the mark of exceptional craftsmanship. This unwavering enthusiasm translates into the enduring quality that has forged strong and lasting connections with our satisfied and esteemed clientele.

Building Beyond Structures:

We understand that our work extends far beyond brick and mortar. We're in the business of building relationships, ones that stand the test of time. These bonds are crafted from the steel of trust and grounded in the unwavering foundation of customer confidence. Our steadfast belief is that true success is born from nurturing relationships that mutually enrich both our clients and our team.

Empowered by Trust:

We consider trust as the cornerstone of our success. We have an unwavering belief that enduring triumph emerges from the cultivation of mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. This trust is fortified by our responsiveness to their needs, our effective solutions, and our commitment to economic feasibility.

Join Us on this Journey:

As we continue to shape skylines and redefine construction standards, we invite you to get to know the driving force behind BRPLK. Our team isn't just a collection of individuals; we are a united force that breathes life into architectural dreams, one brick at a time. We believe that in every project, in every endeavor, the BRPLK team is the embodiment of excellence, commitment, and innovation.

Below check list of our ambitious team members

1Bhiva Ram KumawatManagement/Finance
2Panna Lal KumawatAdministrative
3Manoj KumawatGeneral Manager
4Ghisa Lal KumawatProject Manager
5R.K. JangirProject Manager
6Mukesh MalhotraProject Manager
7Dinesh GuptaProject Manager
8Sunil JangirProject Manager
9Rajesh SainiProject Manager
10C.P. KumawatProject Manager
11Rakesh JangirProject Manager
12Ruder Pratap SinghProject Manager
13Mahesh MishraProject Engineer
14Jitendra SharmaProject Engineer
15Madan Lal SharmaProject Engineer
16Kalyan KumawatProject Engineer
17Mahesh KumawatProject Engineer
18Hammer Drill MachineProject Engineer
19Mukesh KumawatProject Engineer
20Ashish KumawatProject Engineer
21Sohan Lal KumawatProject Engineer
22Vijay KumawatProject Engineer
23Yogesh SharmaProject Engineer
24Gopal Singh ChaudharyQuality Control

"At the heart of every project's success, our dedicated workers wield their skills and sweat, shaping dreams into tangible reality."